15 Sep, 2020


Idyllic images, almost exotic with the alternation of abundant green with blue and turquoise waters to be done in a unique way. So this fascinating landscape, one sees when one is in Sivota.

Sivota in Epirus is built in a small bay, which is decorated, like embroidery with many islets. The lacy coastline has it all, from sandy beaches with turquoise waters to hidden, unknown coves.

They were known since antiquity, due to the naval battle of Sivota in 433 BC, while today they are one of the most popular resorts of Epirus.

At a very short distance from the settlement, are the coasts of Epirus which are better than each other. The seductive Bella Vraka, Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Pisina, Mega Drafos and Agia Paraskevi are some of them.

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Costas Palikyras

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