Roda has grown from a quiet fishing village to summer time destination that is a relaxing place to stay.  It has been planned so that the surrounding landscape is preserved; its natural proximity to Acharavi tends to merge the resorts.  Good amenities for visitors include mini markets, nice tavernas and low key bars.  Those looking for more exciting nightlife would head to Acharavi.  It is a perfect area for walking as the terrain is relatively flat and outside the village is quite rural.  The accommodation is, as Acharavi, a good selection that will appeal to all tastes and budgets.  The beach is more sand and shingle with natural coves and inlets.  For history lovers there are the ruins of a Doric Temple dedicated to Apollo.  Finds from the excavation are in the Archeological Museum in Corfu Town.

At a Glance

Places to Go

Canal Damour

Nature, by way of the sea and wind, created the Canal d’Amour. The sandstone has been eroded by the elements and the grooves that scarred the rock face formed the channel.
There are legends attached to these stunning rock formations, the most famous being that if a couple swim together in the Canal they will stay together forever and if the Canal is in shade whoever swims in the water will always be lucky in love.


Panorama Restaurant and 7th Heaven Cafe, a magical place on the top of the cliffs above Logas Be.

Mount Pantokrator

At 906m high Mount Pantokrator is the highest point on Corfu. On a clear day at the summit, and despite it being 130km away, it is possible to see Italy, as well as the whole of Corfu and Albania. At the top is café for who have reached the summit, a well and a telecommunications tower. The church dates from 1689; however in 1347 the first monastery was built with the help of the Perithians.


Historically, a small traditional fishing village, the town itself has been heavily developed and with more luxury villas now outside it, but it remains a summer social centre heavily visited by tourists.

Canal Damour Corfu
Peroulades, corfu
Mount Pantokrator, Corfu
Kassiopi, Corfu

    Things to Do

  • The Folklore Museum of Acharavi was inaugurated in October 2008 in a building of more than 1,000 square metres. The owner and visionary creator, Mr Spyros Vlachos, has been collecting, maintaining and promoting with endless care, joy and attention local folk objects of particular historical interest for the last 25 years.

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  • The Hydropolis Water-park in Acharavi is constructed on an area of 33.806,90 m².

    Hydropolis opens on 15th of May.

    Working Hours: 10.30-18.30.

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  • Silvaland is dedicated to offering unique, positive and fun experiences for all our guests, that involve horses, other animals and the natural environment.
    We are continually breeding the rare Skyrian Horses.
    We Offer riding for all ages (from the age of 2).

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  • Acharavi has an excelent water sports centre which offers water skiing, ringo rides and parasailing. It is situated on the left hand side of the beach.

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