Being close to the airport can be advantageous if you like watching the planes take off and land or want to be within walking distance of Corfu Town.  It can be a disadvantage if you don’t like noisy engines!

Perama is opposite the Kanoni Peninsula where the original capital of Corfu once was.  It is joined to the peninsula by a causeway, a narrow strip of land that can be walked or cycled across.  This is the spot on the island that offers the best views of Corfu’s logo, Mouse Island and Vlacherna Monastery.  Many hotels in the area have this iconic view.

It is not a very busy resort, restaurant choices are limited, but is popular for travellers wanting to stay close to Corfu Town, especially during the Easter celebrations.

At a Glance

Places to Go

Corfu Town

Corfu Town has much to offer even the most well travelled visitor. The art galleries and museums, of which there are more than a dozen, hold regular exhibitions. The town’s three brass bands, symphony orchestra, opera company, choir, contemporary and traditional dance groups and drama societies guarantee a full programme of musical and theatrical events.

Mouse Island

Mouse Island or Pontikonissi, is a small, hilly and densely wooded island that legend says was formed when the ship that had taken Odysseus back to Ithaki returned to its home port. Poseidon, who was angry at being defied by the Phaeceans, turned the ship to stone. The 13th century Monastery of Pantokrator on Mouse Island, has a winding, white staircase that from a distance looks like a mouse’s tail.


Also in the Bay of Kanoni is Vlacherna Monastery. The Vlacherna Womens Monastery was founded many centuries ago on the little rocky tip of the Kanoni peninsula. The present chapel was built in 1685 and the oldest gravestone dates from 1785.

Corfu Town
Mouse Island Corfu
Vlacherena, Corfu

    Things to Do

  • Achillion Palace
    Located in the village of Gastouri, the route to the Achillion Palace takes you along coastal roads and through a landscape of orange, lemon and olive groves. Built in 1890 by the tragic Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the magnificent palace was designed with the mythical hero Achilles as its main theme.

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  • Mon Repo Palace is on Analipsis Hill on the edge of the ancient city of Corfu. Built by the British Commissioner Frederic Adams as a gift for his Corfiot wife in 1826. It is a small but very beautiful building with stunning gardens. In 1864 after the Unification of Greece it became the summer residence of the Greek Royal family and was the birth place of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1921. The people of Corfu stood as his Godparents at his baptism.

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  • The Esplanade is a beautiful open public park full of trees, wide paths, benches, a band stand, fountains, monuments and a cricket field. At one end of the Esplanade is the Royal Palace of Corfu also called St Michele and St Giorgio Palace which is now home to the Museum of Asian Art. Designed by Colonel George Whitmore in 1819 it is an imposing neoclassical building, with its beautiful Doric Colonnade, wide archway and Georgian style.

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  • Vidos is a ten minute boat ride from Corfu, with boats leaving every hour during the summer months.
    Given its name by the French, the small Islet of Vidos lies opposite Corfu Town. Originally known Ptyhia or Hera, today it is a protected nature reserve and has many rare types of flora and fauna. There are 3 beautiful beaches and a taverna and cafeteria for refreshments.

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