Benitses was a popular and lively resort during the 1980s that fell out of favour with visitors but has now become quite cosmopolitan due to its new marina where pristine yachts can moor alongside the boats of the local fishermen.  The main beach is in the southern part of the village and borders the main road on which accommodation, shops, restaurants and snack bars are plentiful. The sea is very clean as Benitses was one of the first communities in Greece to operate its own biological sewage plant.

Facing the marina is a tree shaded square and the pedestrianised road is busy with restaurants, coffee bars and shops.  Leading from this square and walking inland the Old Village is to be found, and behind the old stone fishermen’s cottages are the Ruins of the Roman Baths. They were part of an impressive Villa that was built when the Romans occupied Corfu and Benitses was a settlement.  There is much to see and they are in good condition.

The Shell Museum is the private collection of Napoleon Sagias, a diver who obtained his exhibits from expeditions in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  The largest shell in the collection is the Tridacna Gigas, a clam shell from the largest bivalve, weighing 65kg and now an endangered species.  The rarest and most valuable shell is the Cypraea Fultoni that was purchased by Mr. Sagias in Mozambique from a fisherman who found it in the belly of a fish.  One of the most beautiful is the Haliotis Iris The name Haliotis is a Greek word that means sea ear, reflecting the ear-like shape of the abalone shell.  In 1998 the museum was honoured for its contribution to marine science by I R E D A, the Italian Institute of Marine Research.

Benitses is a relaxed resort that can offer more than a beach holiday. It has a good bus service to Corfu Town.  Car hire would be perfect for travellers wanting to explore further afield.

At a Glance

Places to Go

Achillion Palace

Located in the village of Gastouri, the route to the Achillion Palace takes you along coastal roads and through a landscape of orange, lemon and olive groves. Built in 1890 by the tragic Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the magnificent palace was designed with the mythical hero Achilles as its main theme.

Mouse Island

Mouse Island or Pontikonissi, is a small, hilly and densely wooded island that legend says was formed when the ship that had taken Odysseus back to Ithaki returned to its home port. Poseidon, who was angry at being defied by the Phaeceans, turned the ship to stone. The 13th century Monastery of Pantokrator on Mouse Island, has a winding, white staircase that from a distance looks like a mouse’s tail.


Also in the Bay of Kanoni is Vlacherna Monastery. The Vlacherna Womens Monastery was founded many centuries ago on the little rocky tip of the Kanoni peninsula. The present chapel was built in 1685 and the oldest gravestone dates from 1785.

Achillion palace
Mouse island corfu
Vlacherena corfu

    Things to Do

  • The museum contains many thousands of impressive and rare species from most seas of the planet and possesses one of the biggest and most complete shell collections in Europe. It contains shells, fossils, sponges, corals, stuffed fish, sharks and shark teeth, lobsters, crabs, sea urchins, snakes and more from the Indian and Pacific Ocean and also from the Mediterranean Sea.

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  • Water sports
    Whatever your needs are easy rides on tubes or extreme- Jumping waves on a board or ski or learn how to do ski wakeboard monoski we are here for your needs and you want to have a different view of Benitses.

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  • Waterpark is 12000 square metres of fun for everyone. For the fearless there are 36 different water slides. Jump into one of the 15 different pools or wait in the Wave Pool for the madness to start! Qualified lifeguards are never far away and a service is available for those guests with special needs.

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  • The KALYPSO STAR is a specially constructed boat for undersea cruises. With its 18m length and 5.5m width. It is made of aluminium and unbreakable glass, and controlled by instruments of the highest accuracy. KALYPSO STAR gives the opportunity to explore and enjoy the fascinating and intricate world beneath the sea.

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