Corfu Easter 2022

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Corfu Easter Traditions

Are you still not sure why you should visit Corfu during the Greek Orthodox Easter? Here you can find TOP 10 REASONS why it is essential to holiday for the duration of the Greek Easter in Corfu.

Corfu is one of the most favorite destinations in Mediterranean. Probably because it has the perfect mix of culture, history and modern comfort. And lets not forget the amazing food. Corfu is a unique island, and even though you might have an image of how it will be, this beautiful island will definitely still surprise you!

Below you can read 10 reasons why you should visit Corfu. If you’ve been persuaded already, be sure to check our offers on hotels, villas and apartments.

1. Good Friday Processions

Make sure you already on the island at least on Good Friday or better a day prior That’s when the famous processions take place. This is an on-going, all day tradition that takes place all around the island but particularly in the old town. Every church is organizing a procession that is accompanied by one of the many philharmonic bands.
Being religious or not this is an experience you must have.

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2. There are countless of beautiful churches in Corfu

What better time than Greek Easter in Corfu to visit those old, sometimes ancient churches? Churches look at their best as they have had months to be prepared for the Greek Easter.

3. Smashing of the pots "Botides" on Great Saturday

Thousands gather in the old town center where they watch the spectacle, odd tradition, when locals throw from high up their houses, from their balconies or windows, small or large, sometimes very large clay pots filled with water down on the road or pavement at exactly 11:00 am. Make sure not to miss this unusual but loud tradition.

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4. The coolest fireworks of the year

Forget about new year In Greece Easter is the biggest celebration and a spectacular fireworks display is organized by the municipality of Corfu Town. Really worth watching!

Fore more details check the day by day Corfu Easter Traditions

5. Explore The Island

Spring is the best time of the year in Corfu where good sunny weather is almost guaranteed!

Also, temperatures are not that high so this truly makes it an ideal time for exploring the island. Lots of hidden villages and unspoiled beaches to explore.

6. There is a lot of History to discover Corfu

Corfu does not only have a rich old history but an ancient one too. From the very first visit one can see it. On the buildings, on the monuments. Many cultures left their mark on Corfu and it’s visible.

7. Easy to stick to your budget

Even though Easter is considered to be high season, prices can’t really be compared to the busy months of July and August. Really nice hotels, villas and apartments with reasonable rates can be found specially outside of Corfu Town in one of the many, by the beach, villages. Car Hire options come at a very good price too! Check car rates here

8. You can enjoy nature in Corfu

Although Corfu has a nice old town where Easter celebrations take place, there is also a lot of nature to explore. In fact, two thirds of Corfu is actually covered by mountains and hills and lets not forget the beaches.

9. Corfu has some of the most amazing architecture

Are you a sucker for architecture? Well, in Corfu you can find beautiful architecture. Especially the traditional Venetian style is unique and very aesthetically pleasing. You’ll definitely enjoy the buildings, churches and fortresses.

10. Weather

Spring in Corfu comes early. Long sunny days are guaranteed during Greek Easter You can swim in the sea, sunbathe and be right on time to get yourself ready for the evening festivities.

Since the weather conditions doesn’t reach the boiling temperatures of July &- August, Easter period is ideal for day activities such as hiking, biking and exploring.