30 May, 2020

Summer Travel to Europe in 2020

One of the greenest Greek islands with exceptional flora and fauna is the Corfu Island and Halikounas beach is one of the largest sandy beaches.

According to the American magazine Forbes, Halikounas Beach, located in the south of Corfu is the fifth safest beach in Europe after Covid-19 – and 2nd in Greece, behind Preveza Monolithi in 1st place.

Greece – Corfu appears to be one of the safest destination in Europe because of the wide range of private villas, studios, apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charters and obligations to travelers, such as cleaning and disinfecting rooms after each stay and respecting social distance.

With a small number of cases, it makes Greece one of the best options for this year’s holiday because the destinations here provide greater safety for passengers.

Another advantage for Greece is that it ranks second in the world in terms of blue flags.

Halikounas beach is the only Blue Flag beach in Corfu (out of 10) that is not connected to the hotel unit.

International flights are scheduled from  1st of July and no quarantine is required.

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